UD Waterless Toilets

UD and Composting

Waterless UD toilets look similar to a typical toilet, but feature two sections: a bowl that captures the urine and funnels it to a storage tank, and a separate section has a large hole or chute, which allows solids (feces and paper) to fall through into the bio-chamber.

Once in the bio-chamber, the solids decompose and turn into humus soil conditioner or compost, which looks and smells like soil. (See Composting Toilet Systems)

The Wostman Eco-Dry waterless urine-diverting toilet.
The Wostman Eco-Dry waterless urine-diverting toilet.

There are several waterless UD toilets on the market:

  • EcoDry Urine-Diverting Toilet made by Wostman has an optional flush, which uses less than 1 cup of water to flush urine into a storage tank.
  • Camp-style waterless UD toilets on the market for the DIY market
  • The Separett UD/Composting Toilet 

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    • Hi Ivette! Thanks for your question. We hope our site answers some of your questions about the best eco-toilet for your situation. While every household has particular needs, we have found Separett to be all-around the best-performing urine-diverting toilet. It is manufactured in Sweden and can be ordered in North America. See the manufacturer’s US site for more information: http://www.separett-usa.com

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